Vultus now has a filed patent

We are excited to announce that Vultus has filed a patent application for its inventive technology of generating fertilizer dosage plan for crops. Here is some information about this patent:

Problem Behind the Patented Technology

Fertilization is critical for farmers to increase their yield, but yield stops increasing once the fertilizer dosage has reached its optimal amount, worse still, yield even starts decreasing if the crop is overfertilized. This situation could be improved by precision farming. Generally, precision farming analyzes the fertilizer need of different parts of the field; then determines the optimal fertilizer dosage for each part, in this way, farmers could both increase yield and save fertilizer costs. However, although many of the current systems can generate a precise fertilizer dosage plan, they require a lot of input from farmers to do it and their plans can only give the Nitrogen recommendations, which makes it cumbersome for a farmer to use.

How Our Patent Solves This Problem

After months of hard work, Vultus can finally announce that we are able to solve this problem with our filed patent technology. This patent is an object of invention to provide a method for generating a fertilizer dosage plan for the crop field so as to provide more detailed Nitrogen prescriptions to farmers. What differentiates our patent from other technologies are its ease to use and less input requirement from farmers. With our satellite-based system, we can cater to a global audience by our satellite imagery. Our patent centers on two objectives (1) Ease of use at a cheaper price for the farmers; (2) Prescriptions which can generate monetary values and can help the environment.

Product Launch Plan

Currently, our fertilizer dosage plan focuses on the Nitrogen dosage plan since Nitrogen fertilizer is the most important and most widely used fertilizer. Based on this patent and additional technologies, we plan to launch our main product, the Nitrogen prescriptions, in March 2019, which will help farmer save both Nitrogen fertilizer and improve yield. The cost is 5€/hectare per year to use our product and can provide an average value of 70€/hectare to end users. The patent technology will also contribute us to seek more partnership with worldwide farming platforms, to help farmers around the globe eliminate waste in farming.