Simple, scalable API to grow your customers

Fertilizer Perk Image Save your growers ⅓ on fertilizer costs

  • Identify your farmers’ exact fertilizer needs using satellite technology.
  • Prescribe simple, ISOBUS compatible variable-rate N applications.
  • Help increase yields between 3-5%.
Yield Boost image
Yield Boost image

Health Perk Image Boost growers’ crop performance with plant health analysis

  • Help detect threats weeks before the naked eye.
  • Share plant health, water stress and detailed weather patterns to plan ahead.
  • Give insights into intra-field performance across weeks, months and years.

Area Perk Image Nurture your customers and add value to your platform

  • Become extra competitive by increasing your growers’ profits with unique crop insights.
  • Add a new, valuable stream of revenue.
  • Increase your customer retention and LTV.
Yield Boost image
Yield Boost image

API Perk Image Pay-as-you-grow - let’s be partners

  • Hectare based pricing - no fixed fees or geographic limitations.
  • Get the latest technologies with no maintenance costs, expert support on call.
  • Easy and flexible integration through our API, with optional UI components.

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